MicroBloon 3.0 Launch – 2013

Launch site: Cordoba Airport in the Andalucía region in southern Spain
Launch Operations: The ISTAR Group

Successful flight for INBLOON in Spain
Posted on September 22, 2013 by LighterThanAirSociety
FlightSource: StratoCat

Zero 2 Infinity (02I), a Spanish private aerospace firm that is developing balloon-based technologies to enable cost-efficient access to near-space and to promote space tourism in the near future, successfully performed another balloon launch orchestrated by ISTAR. Steven Peterzén of ISTAR was contracted to train the Z2I team on launch operations and the design / fabrication of the launch equipment.

This launch was made from the Cordoba Airport in the Andalucía region in southern Spain. Apparently this is the first time that the recently renewed airport is used for a stratospheric balloon flight.

As with the 2012 flight from León, the launch operations were directed by Steven Peterzén of the ISTAR Group, a company headquartered in Sisters, Oregon which provides support to balloon operations for many programs around the globe.